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Penfolds Grange

An Australian Icon - Grange is considered one of the world's finest red wines.

Grange is arguably Australia's most famous wine and is officially listed as a Heritage Icon of South Australia. Grange boasts an unbroken line of vintages from the experimental 1951 and clearly demonstrates the synergy between Shiraz and the soils and climates of South Australia.

Penfolds Grange displays fully ripe, intensely flavoured and textured Shiraz grapes. The result is a unique Australian style that is now recognised as one of the most consistent of the world's great wines. The Grange style is the original and most powerful expression of Penfolds multi-vineyard, multi-district blending philosophy.

Please call or email us for availability, prices and to order as available vintages and prices vary from time to time and quantities are limited.

Sommelier Bordeaux Grand Cru 4400/00 (price is per glass)


270mm tall                   25% OFF

860 ml 

Available in single tubes or pack of 4                                              


Glenmorangie Original Frame Glass Pack


Glenmorangie Original Single Malt Whisky - Frame Glass Gift Pack

A high quality gift pack in the style of an artistic frame, alongside the "orangie" vignette create an inviting and eye-catching giftbox.  The frame is signed by Glenmorangie's own in-house artist Dr Bill Lumsden, alongside a gold plaque.

  • 1 x Bottle of Glenmorangie Original single malt whisky
  • 2 x Signature branded whisky tumblers

Eisch Gentleman Whisky Decanter - Gold 865.774.08

 Handmade in Germany from Lead Free Crystal with "No Drop Effect" technology.

A striking whisky decanter with a transparent coating of high quality gold
highlighted by scalloped sides.  The gold layer is applied by hand then fired onto the glass surface at 560 degrees C.

You have the option to include matching gold highlighted
"Old Fashioned" whisky glasses with Sensis Plus Glass,
please select from the drop down box.


232 mm tall

750ml capacity and presented in a gift box.              



Glenmorangie Signet Scotch Whisky


Glenmorangie Signet - Highlands Single Malt Whisky in its Gift Box

A fusion of unique and rare elements, and clouded in secrecy, Signet is the culmination of a lifetime's experience. A blend of our oldest whisky - distilled over thirty years ago when malting still occurred on site – and spirit matured in a selection of the world's finest casks, this undoubtedly is the richest whisky in our range.

Of course, whilst the exact secrets of its production are known only to our whisky creators, we can tell you that Signet's melting sweetness and explosive spiciness is, at least in part, caused by our unique roasted 'chocolate' barley malt and the 'designer casks' made bespoke for Glenmorangie from American white oak.

Glenmorangie Signet = 93 points (Jim Murray Whisky Bible)

Handpresso Outdoor Set

This stylish bag contains the very essence of the nomadic espresso.  The small, portable and manual Handpresso machine is complimented by accessories to make the coffee ceremony even more enjoyable in the most unusual places.

The stylish bag includes;
    1 x Handpresso Wild HYBRID machine (for ground coffee or ESE pods)
    1 x 300ml stainless steel thermos flask
    4 x Unbreakable cups
    1 x Napkin

Don't leave home without it !        As seen on "The Living Room" Channel 10

            Handpresso Outdoor Set comes in a gift box

Eisch Rapid Cool Magnum Decanter 300.769.02

For maximum enjoyment, white wine should be cool when drunk which normally means leaving the bottle in the fridge for a few hours.   With a RAPID COOL decanter the temperature of the wine can be reduced from say 200C to 80C in just 5 minutes.   Also suitable for any other beverage that needs cooling.

RAPID COOL Magnum Cooling Decanter with Saucer (double cooling capacity)

400 mm tall

375 capacity and presented in a gift box.               


krug sharing set open box

Krug Sharing Set


Krug Grande Cuvee is the greatest multi-vintage Cuvee de Prestige .

The Krug Sharing Set is an elegant gift box featuring Krug Grande Cuvee and two Joseph flutes made by Riedel.

A grey metallic plaque on the front invites consumers to personalise with self adhesive gold letters.



Richard Hennessy

In 1765, Richard Hennessy laid the foundations of a priceless collection made up of his most exceptional eaux-de-vie. Since then, eight generations of the Hennessy family have enriched the Founder's  Warehouse with their own contributions of the finest cognacs produced during their lifetimes. It is from this collection that Hennessy has created Richard Hennessy, as a homage to its founder.

Richard Hennessy is made up of more than 100 of  the most exceptional eaux-de-vie, aged up to 200  years. Each one has been selected for its unique  qualities. The finesse of the finished cognac is a testament to years spent slowly maturing in oak barrels.
Balanced and complex, the rich bouquet slowly  releases a succession of aromas that have built up over the years: vanilla, spices, pepper and delicately  fragrant flowers.In the mouth, the infinitely refined  texture reveals an extraordinary palette of flavors that blends spices, the subtle essence of ripe fruit  and the finesse of oak.

How to enjoy Richard Hennessy
To savour the full flavor of this exceptional cognac is a privilege. Take a tulip-shaped taster’s glass, or a small snifter of the finest crystal.  Ensure the opening of the glass is small. This will guarantee the gradual release of the aromas. According to Talleyrand, celebrated 18th-century   French politician and illustrious customer of  Hennessy, to enjoy a cognac such as Richard  Hennessy one must "cradle the glass in the palm of one’s hand, swirl the spirit to release its full  aroma, lift it to one’s nostrils, inhale deeply  and then... set it down and discuss its virtues".