This liqueur is prepared from an infusion and essence of absinthe herbs (1, 5 %), lemon balm and mint spirits, cane sugar and alcohol.

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthuim), with its fragrant gray leaves, was once used to add flavor to sauces and to make the famous liqueur known as “The Green Fairy”. It was banned in 1915 because of the toxicity caused by the absinthe. However, although only part of the herb was toxic, it was extremely bitter. At the time, the toxicity was attributed to a substance known as thujone.

Today, Absente, a liqueur made from the absinthe herb, differs from its older sister in one important way : some active principles in the herbs (thujone, fenchone and pinocamphone) are included today, but in minute doses, in compliance with regulations.

Serving suggestions

When drinking
, anything goes (well, almost anything) :
 can be poured over shaved ice or ice cubes.
- Those who like strong sensations drink it
straight up.
- Those who prefer an unsweetened and bitter taste may simply add cold water to Absente.
- Fans of tradition carefully carry out the time-honored practice of placing a sugar cube on the slotted absinthe spoon and balancing it over the glass. Then they slowly pour in water. This dissolves the sugar and the Absente turns an opalescent green.

- Absente may also be flambéed :

You put one or two sugar cubes on an absinthe spoon and pour absinthe over it. Then you light up the sugar and wait until the flames caramelize it. The sugar drips into the glass and blends with the Green Fairy. Then water is added to create the Louche.

Cocktail suggestions: to be selected


4 parts Schweppes
1 part ABSENTE
juice of ½ lime

Shake and pour over a glass with crushed ice



The bottle of Absinthe is packed in a beautiful box with an Absinthe spoon.

1 x 700 ml bottle of Absinthe (Absente - 55% -10mg of thuyone)



La Grand Absinthe with Spoon Gift Box

The bottle of Absinthe is packed in a beautiful box with an Absinthe spoon.

The Grande Absente is of a similar composition to Absente, but re-enforced in bitterness and thuyone content. The quantity of sugar is much less and Absinth much more.

1 x 700 ml bottle of Absinthe (Absente - 69% -35mg of thuyone)