Sweet Treats

On these pages you will find our selection of Christmas sweet treats.

For our complete range of Sweet Treats please go to our Australian Sweet Food and French Sweet Food pages.


Chocolate Dipping Sauce 150ml

Choose your flavour:

  • Chocolate Hazelnut 
  • Chocolate Cointreau


Angus Traditional Butterscotch 170g Ogilvie

Angus Traditional Humbugs 170g Ogilvie

Angus Traditional Bullseye 170g Ogilvie

Passionfruit Shortbread 120g


Christmas Pudding 200gm - Was $12.95


Chocolate Liqueur Sauce - Ogilvie 250ml - Was $11.95


Brandy Butterscotch Sauce - Was $11.95


Mince Tarts

Available from 1st week of November

Pack of 4 Classic Fruity Mince Tarts.

Essence of Raspberry Passion - Was $13.95

Raspberries, Vanilla and Grand Marnier sauce. 

Pour on anything or anyone you love. Complements fruit, desserts, cakes and can even be used in drinks. Vibrant raspberry colour and flavour

 Royal Tasmania Fine Food Awards

07 : Gold Medal ; 08 : Bronze Medal;  10 : Silver Medal


Chocolate Pudding flavoured with Grand Marnier with Chocolate burst centre (200g) - Was $16.95


Wild Hibiscus Flowers ~ 12 Flowers - Nicholson Fine Foods - Was $16.95


Royal Hobart fine food Awards: Gold 2007 - 08