Sweet Gourmet Treats Specials

Passionfruit Shortbread 120g


cognac creme sauce

Cognac Creme Dessert Sauce 250ml - Was $10.95

Choc Chip Biscuits 150g from Mother Meg's

These old fashioned favourites are bombarded with chunks of premium milk chocolate. Heat in the oven until the chocolate just begins to melt and serve with warm glasses of full cream milk.


wild hibiscus flowers 250g

Wild Hibiscus Flowers ~ 11 Flowers

From Wild Hibiscus Flower Co.

Serve these exquisite Wild Hibiscus Flowers as a garnish in Champagne at your next special occasion, celebration or dinner party !
We find customers use "Any Excuse" to crack open a jar of flowers & some bubbly. The little flower sits in the bottom of the glass, all the bubbles stream off and subtly open the flower, at the end of the drink you can can eat the flower -it has a delicious raspberry & rhubarb flavour.
You will love this one.

250g jar contains approximately 11 flowers


Chocolate Pudding flavoured with Grand Marnier with Chocolate burst centre (200g)


Gourmet Wooden Gift Box


Australian made wooden gift boxes with sliding lid and Gourmandise logo.

Simply pick a box then add your favourite gourmet delicacies, we will pack them for you to make it a special gift. The wooden boxes are available in different sizes, we'll pick the right size for you. 


We can arrange custom branding of your logo or message on the box lids (minimum quantity and set-up costs apply, contact us for details on 1300 CHAMPAGNE (1300-242672)