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The Black Tie glasses are mouth blown like the Sommeliers range. The red wine glasses have a black stem, the white wine glasses have black foot, the water glass has a dot at the bottom of the glass.

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Riedel's Grand Wine Glass Collection was born in 1958 when the "Pokal Hoch" was first exhibited at the WORLD EXHIBITION in Brussels. The glass was instantly awarded with a "Grand Prix" for its creative and striking design. Shortly after, New York's Museum of Modern Art selected it for their permanent collection as a significant 1960s design.

Today the "Sommeliers Burgundy Grand Cru" is the linchpin of the mouth-blown Sommeliers collection. Each hand-crafted glass is touched by 25 skilled artisans on its way from molten crystal to one of the most coveted glasses among wine lovers. Named by Decanter Magazine in 1989 "The Best Burgundy Glass of all time".

50 years later we celebrate the anniversary of this iconic glass by presenting "SOMMELIERS BLACK TIE". Based on the timeless original shapes, these classic and elegant glasses feature a tall black stem on the varietally specific red wine glasses and a black base with crystal stem on the white wine glasses.

Claus Riedel started his career as young glass designer creating this magnum opus based on the request of Conte Odazio, in Italian nobleman and business partner who said to Claus: "I am tired to drink my fine Piedmont red wines from small glasses!" Based on the functionality of this truly unique work of art, Claus began a lifetime exploration to discover step by step the effect of "shape and size" on the aroma and flavor perception of the wine.


Sommeliers Black Tie Montrachet Chardonnay 4100/7 - pack of 4 glasses

Riedel's Grand Wine Glass Collection

Lead Crystal - Mouth Blown - Hand Made                                        25% OFF

229mm tall with 500cc capacity

Price is for a pack of 1glass in elegant Riedel signature tubes