Handpresso - Portable Espresso M/c

Intense Portafilter - New !


The intense portafilter : to enjoy a ristretto (a very « short » shot of espresso coffee)

With this portafilter, you can slow down the infusion while increasing the extraction of the aromas !

This accessory is compatible with all the Handpresso Wild machines.

Simply replace the standard filter with the intense portafilter.

Handpresso Carry Case


A must !   This handy case protects your Handpresso Wild wherever you go.

- Thermo-formed EVA stiff case
- Light and strong (weight: 90g)
- Size: 24.5 x 10 x 7cm
- Sold with adjustable strap

Domepod Case


Here is a clever and handy Domepod case to carry 3 pre-filled Domepod with your favourite espresso coffee blend.
Just place them in the case and bring them with you wherever you go!

The Domepod case fastens on all Handpresso accessories' straps (e.g. Outdoor Set & the Carry Case).

Handpresso Wild HYBRID Portable Espresso Machine

10% Off Limited time only

For use with ESE Pods OR your own favourite ground coffee.

Here is the latest version of the portable espresso maker: Handpresso Wild Hybrid which uses either E.S.E (easy serving espresso) pods or ground espresso coffee.

Handpresso has created a machine with the ultimate versatility. With the Handpresso Wild hybrid, you may vary the coffee experience as inspiration and weather dictates. Either you choose ground espresso coffee and become a barista or you insert the E.S.E. adapter and enjoy the E.S.E. pods’ ease of use.

Handpresso Hybrid comes in a gift box

Now available in your choice of designer colours, please select your colour from the list below:


Handpresso Auto ESE - for the Car - NEW !

The Espresso Machine for the CAR !

Handpresso Auto is here : the first 12V espresso machine, a revolutionary machine preparing a premium quality espresso in the car !

Handpresso Auto helps you optimize your coffee break wherever you are. Simple and easy to use, Handpresso Auto can be placed in the cup holder. Just plug the espresso machine into the 12V cigarette lighter, add water and a E.S.E. coffee pod of your choice. Then press the button, wait for the 3 beeps and the espresso is ready ! Thanks to the 16 bar pressure, the espressos are delicious, creamy and tasty !

With this machine you do not require a thermos as it boils the water itself !

Handpresso Outdoor Set

This stylish bag contains the very essence of the nomadic espresso.  The small, portable and manual Handpresso machine is complimented by accessories to make the coffee ceremony even more enjoyable in the most unusual places.

The stylish bag includes;
    1 x Handpresso Wild HYBRID machine (for ground coffee or ESE pods)
    1 x 300ml stainless steel thermos flask
    4 x Unbreakable cups
    1 x Napkin

Don't leave home without it !        As seen on "The Living Room" Channel 10

            Handpresso Outdoor Set comes in a gift box


Handpresso Auto ESE Premium Set - NEW !

We were dreaming of it…and here it is !

With this full set, you have everything close at hand to enjoy your Handpresso break in the car. This case contains the Handpresso Auto, the espresso machine for the car as well as 2 unbreakable cups and a napkin. When you open it, it can be used as a tray and its compartments make it easy to use the machine and drink your espresso. You can keep the pods, the sugar and spoons inside and, once your break is over, just close it and place it in the glove box.


This Premium Set includes;
    1 x Handpresso Auto machine (uses ESE pods)
    2 x Unbreakable cups
    1 x Napkin

Don't leave home without it !