The sturgeon family has existed for three hundred million years, well before the dinosaurs. There are still 24 species in the world, plus three related species (polyodons, or spatulate fish); nearly all of them are endangered species. When adult, although some species grow no bigger than 90 centimetres, most get to 2 metres and at least 80 kilos. The beluga of the Caspian Sea is the giant of the family. It can get up to 9 metres long, weigh 1500 kilos, and live up to 100 years.

In the wild, the females of the caviar sturgeons (beluga, oscietre, sevruga and baeri) take fifteen to twenty years to become mature and to reproduce. For the Siberian baeri sturgeon, the growth is much more rapid in the warmer French waters, and the females reach maturity from the age of seven.

In Aquitaine , in the South West of France, as in all parts of the world where sturgeon is fished, the wild populations are threatened by the increasing degradation of their habitat and by intensive fishing. Twenty years of research have culminated in mastery of the rearing of a species coming from Russia (acipenser baeri). We now offer you the possibility, without depleting the wild sturgeon stocks, of discovering a caviar of the very highest quality : "STURIA", the caviar of Aquitaine . The true caviar is obtained exclusively from sturgeon eggs.