Dom Perignon OEnotheque

Dom Perignon Plenitude


Rare and Exclusive

Dom Pérignon Plenitude in it's gift box.

Vintages available (very limited, so please check with us before ordering):

  • P2  1998    $    659.95
  • P3  1983    $ 1,999.95
  • P3  1971    $ 4,239.95

P2 is the Second Plenitude of Dom Perignon, the result of 16 years of elaboration for enhanced intensity, vibrancy and precision.  The energy of the wine is at it's peak.

P3  1983 is the Third Plenitude, a collection of the rarest vintages offering a taste of the exceptional and the result of 30 years elaboration.

P3 1971 is the Third Plenitude from over 40 years elaboration, one of the most private and complex creations offering a unique experience for the happy few who know the secret treasures of Dom Perignon.