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Bas Armagnac Delord Silver Medal - 25 years

Aspect: deep amber, shiny clear, olive green reflections.
Nose: soft spices, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, gingerbread. Advanced wood rancio (walnut).
Palate: advanced wood, pepper, vanilla, rounded tannins, rancio (walnut). Initial cocoa, supple, soft and long final.

Serving circumstance: After meal drink
Serving temperature : Room Temperature
Ready to drink  

Bas Armagnac Delord

         Choose between year 1946, 1961,1962, 1972, 1979, 1985

Chateau Tariquet "La Folle Blanche" 8 Years

Tasting commentary by cellarman Francis Miquel:
A golden yellow colour. The nose is very supple and subtle, expressing wood, vanilla and cocoa butter. A marked woody flavour, but noble and tempered by the original fruity character. The first sensation in the mouth is magnificently smooth, broad, spirited but never aggressive.

The delicate finale emphasises the recent marriage of the fruit and the woody structure.
A remarkably lingering Armagnac, eloquent proof that a fiveyear-old brandy can already be very good.

Lacourtoisie Grand Bas Armagnac

Choose between :

  Lacourtoisie 1989 41%

  Lacourtoisie 1984 40%

   Lacourtoisie  1982 40%




Chateau Tariquet "La Folle Blanche" 15 Years

 A brandy aged for twelve years in casks.
-Tasting commentary by cellarman Francis Miquel:
A magnificent golden brown colour. The nose breathes its finesse, whispers its femininity, accentuates its elegance and reveals an unusual expression of the grape.
In the mouth it is smooth and mellow. What elegance! The "rancio" taste is revealed with a rare intensity, the perfect expression of this variety. The aromas of crystallised stone-fruits and liquorice are the sign of a great Armagnac of which Gascony can be proud.
This is a quintessential Armagnac that should be tried at least once in your life.

Bas Armagnac Comte de Lamaestre 1960 -1967 - 1979

House of Castarede

 Bas Armagnac 1978, 1970

Armagnac 1946, 1939, 1931