Richard Hennessy

Richard Hennessy

In 1765, Richard Hennessy laid the foundations of a priceless collection made up of his most exceptional eaux-de-vie. Since then, eight generations of the Hennessy family have enriched the Founder's  Warehouse with their own contributions of the finest cognacs produced during their lifetimes. It is from this collection that Hennessy has created Richard Hennessy, as a homage to its founder.

Richard Hennessy is made up of more than 100 of  the most exceptional eaux-de-vie, aged up to 200  years. Each one has been selected for its unique  qualities. The finesse of the finished cognac is a testament to years spent slowly maturing in oak barrels.
Balanced and complex, the rich bouquet slowly  releases a succession of aromas that have built up over the years: vanilla, spices, pepper and delicately  fragrant flowers.In the mouth, the infinitely refined  texture reveals an extraordinary palette of flavors that blends spices, the subtle essence of ripe fruit  and the finesse of oak.

How to enjoy Richard Hennessy
To savour the full flavor of this exceptional cognac is a privilege. Take a tulip-shaped taster’s glass, or a small snifter of the finest crystal.  Ensure the opening of the glass is small. This will guarantee the gradual release of the aromas. According to Talleyrand, celebrated 18th-century   French politician and illustrious customer of  Hennessy, to enjoy a cognac such as Richard  Hennessy one must "cradle the glass in the palm of one’s hand, swirl the spirit to release its full  aroma, lift it to one’s nostrils, inhale deeply  and then... set it down and discuss its virtues".