Hennessy Paradis

Hennessy Paradis


• In 1774, Richard Hennessy set up a small warehouse on the right bank of the River Charente to house his rarest eaux-de-vie. It is now known as the Founder’s Warehouse. Since then, eight generations of the Hennessy family have built up what is now the finest collection of old eaux-de-vie in the world. It is from these that Hennessy has been able to create Paradis  Extra.


• Paradis Extra is the fruit of a series of marriages  between hundreds of different eaux-de-vie, nurtured to maturity by successive generations of the same family of cellar masters.

Tasting notes

• A veritable fireworks display of spices and peppery  notes, softened by the fragrant scent of flowers.  Finesse and elegance are the major characteristics.  Perfectly harmonious in the mouth, Paradis Extra reveals itself to be smooth, full-bodied and long- lasting on the palate. Its force and finesse, plus  the delicate flavor of rancio, give it a perfect balance.

How to enjoy Paradis Extra

• Exceptional cognacs such as Paradis Extra should be enjoyed in tall, thin glasses that narrow slightly  towards the top. Such glasses retain the aroma and  transmit easily the warmth of the hands to the spirit.  Releasing its freshness and fruitiness, take a small  mouthful; the flavor fills the palate with a fine and  long finish.