Riedel Mamba Decanter 1950/19

Riedel Crystal has been producing glass in the heart of Europe for over 250 years and eleven generations.

Why I should use a Decanter ?

How will decanting enhance my wine experience ?

  • There are two reasons why we decant wines;

          1) Decant old wines to separate it from its sediment.
          2) Decant young wines to increase oxygenation, reveal more complexity & open up aromas and flavours

  • To fully enjoy young wines (up to 10 years for both red and white) consider opening the bottle 8 to 12 hours prior to consumption for oxidization, or you can decant the wine to shorten the aeration process.
  • The main preserving element in wine is carbon dioxide which becomes part of the wine during fermentation.
  • Decanting diminishes the amount of carbon dioxide and "matures" the wine, allowing the bouquet to develop faster.
  • On the pallet, decanted wine expresses higher levels of fruit in red wines and it tends to integrate and smooth out tannins.
  • When decanting young wines, pour the wine directly into the decanter and let it splash into the vessel to promote oxygenation.
  • When decanting older wines, slowly pour the wine into the decanter without allowing any sediment to leave the bottle.

Riedel Mamba Decanter 1950/19


Lead Crystal - Mouth Blown in Austria

325 mm tall and 1500cc capacity

The alluring Mamba, the latest design by Maximilian J. Riedel, is redolent of a sleek mamba snake. As the wine flows through every bend it is double-decanted, “opening up” upon entering the decanter, achieving what would take hours of decanting in a typical bowl-shaped carafe. Following the serpentine Eve decanter (2008), the Mamba channels the vigor of the famous Black Mamba, the world’s fastest snake. Mirroring the snake’s poised upright stance, the Mamba’s coiled base creates a series of air pockets which “charge” the wine as it moves towards the elegant upright neck upon pouring. While the wine makes its journey through the curvaceous glass, the Mamba emits a gurgle – an aural reminder of the decanting accomplished by the force of the wine passing through the vacuum created in the Mamba’s base.