Sensis Plus Wine Glasses



Eisch Sensis Plus wine glasses are machine made from premium lead-free crystal with bowl shapes proven for your complete wine enjoyment and appreciation.   Wine served in a Sensis Plus glass becomes more rounded and complex, with better balance and more refinement.   Superior Sensis plus Glass is light and thin, yet very durable due to the advanced pulled stem technology. They are all dishwasher safe.

"Remarkable ! Congratulations on a real contribution to the enjoyment of wine !"
Ronn R. Wiegand - Master of Wine & Master Sommelier

Click on the photo or link for Eisch Superior , 10 Carat or Vino Nobile range of wine glasses.

 Superior 10 Carat   Vino Nobile

  Premium glasses with
pulled stem technology

Luxury handmade stemware with
crystal diamond highlights 

           Traditional two-piece technology                

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