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Eisch is a leading German glass manufacturer voted by retailers as number one glass producer 13 times since 1995.

The glasswork tradition of the Eisch family dates back to the 17th century. The founder of Eisch Glass factory, Valentin Eisch, worked as a master crystal glass engraver until 1946 when, together with his wife Theres, he started his own refining company.

The close cooperation and solidarity of the Eisch family was very important to their success and the glass factory is still family owned and managed by the third generation.

For Eisch, glass is more than just a simple article for daily use. Glass combines fantasy, nature, art and culture. Eisch uses many skills and techniques to craft glass that can serve as a decorative companion to the beauty of life. All glass decoration at Eisch is done by hand and they have received numerous awards for their work.

With the extensive background and rich experience of handcraft tradition, Eisch today is exploring new and innovative techniques in glassworking for the benefit of the wine lover.

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Sensis Plus Wine Glasses

The latest innovation at Eisch is Sensis PLUS Glass.

Over the decades, wine glass development has mostly focused on finding the shape that optimally brings out a wine to its best advantage. This has resulted in great success and has given today’s wine connoisseurs a wide variety of glass shapes and sizes to enjoy fine wines. This approach has now, however, reached its limit.

Experience Sensis PLUS Glass and discover the wine's true flavour and enjoyment. Wine served in a Sensis PLUS glass becomes more rounded and complex, with better balance and more refinement. Through a natural process the wine's original structure and character is preserved, while its flavour becomes more expressive and generous.

Wine connoisseurs are raving about Sensis PLUS glasses, but don't take our word for it - try it and see !

The first public presentation of these glasses was at the 25th anniversary celebration of the Robert Parker "Wine Advocate" at the Culinary Institute of America, California.

"Remarkable !  Congratulations on a real contribution to the enjoyment of wine !"
                                 Ronn R. Wiegand - Master of Wine & Master Sommelier





Avoid Red Wine Stains - Decanting Without Drops !

A new Eisch development is the "No Drip" decanters, inspired by the way a lotus leaf sheds water, the NO DROP EFFECT decanters have a specially treated rim. After pouring, a bead of wine teases you by balancing on the decanter's lip, steadfastly refusing to fall on the table cloth.

Who is not familiar with this: after pouring , drops of red wine run down the outside of the decanter leaving ugly stains on the tablecloth or on the decanter itself.

With the NO DROP EFFECT this is a thing of the past.

The NO DROP EFFECT is based on a special surface treatment of the glass which permanently prevents drops from running down the outside of the decanter.




 RAPID COOL - Cooling Decanters

White wine should be cooled when enjoyed.   That would usually mean placing the bottle in the refrigerator for several hours, but this can now be solved in a simple way in just a few minutes.

The cooling decanter RAPID COOL cools down white wine from say 200C to a drinking temperature of approx 80C in only 5 minutes !

It is a matter of course that the RAPID COOL is also able to keep already cooled wine at a cool drinking temperature many times longer than other conventional wine coolers.

And apart from white wine, of course it can also cool water, juices and virtually any other beverage.



 Simply Stunning Glassware !

Eisch produces a huge range of stunning glassware including wine glasses, decanters, bowls, vases, candlestick holders, table accessories and much more.

As an example, the photo shows the 10 Carat range of handmade wine glasses that incorporate Sensis PLUS Glass and brilliant crystals embedded into the stem of the glasses.   The 10 Carat range also includes matching decanters and table accessories.

Please note that the Eisch products listed on this website are normally stocked in Australia.   If you wish to purchase any products from Eisch that are not listed on this website please contact us and we shall be delighted to arrange it for you.   info@gourmandise.com.au

Download the Eisch Australian Catalogue (5.5Mb)